MOSCOW, March 13- RAPSI. The Moscow Commercial Court sided with Zvezda Far Eastern Shipyard in its $2.22million lawsuit against the Pacific Fleet Management and the Defense Ministry.

Zvezda sought to recover compensation for the nuclear submarine repairs.

Particularly the court stated in its decision that the money will be recovered from the Pacific Fleet Management, and if it does not have enough funds to pay for repair works the stated amount will be recovered from the Defense Ministry at the expense of the federal budget.

The Defense Ministry entered into a state contract with the shipyard to repair the Omsk submarine cruiser in June 2007.

Russia allocated 449.963 million rubles ($15.21 million) for the repairs to extend Omsk's lifespan. However, the shipyard discovered that additional repairs that had not been stipulated in the contract were also needed.

The shipyard repaired the Omsk submarine cruiser in full and spent over 65 million rubles ($2.19 million). However, the state enterprises did not pay for the additional expenses.

Eventually, the shipyard appealed to the court.

Zvezda Far Eastern Shipyard is a leading Russian shipyard. It is involved in repairing nuclear submarines and is the only enterprise in the Far East specializing in reequipping and modernizing nuclear submarines, the enterprise's official website reads.