MOSCOW, February 28 - RAPSI. The Supreme Court will not change the ballots for the upcoming presidential elections, thus, there will be no "Against All" selections on the ballots, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ reported from the court on Tuesday.

Therefore, the court validated the Central Election Commission's resolution to approve the ballot in October.

Alexei Kolesnikov filed the appeal to have the document invalidated. He believes the absence of the selection would "hinder his protest will and violate his rights stipulated in the Constitution."

Dmitry Voronov, the commission's spokesperson, noted in court that the law on the presidential elections allows voters to vote for a candidate or at times for or against candidates.

The Prosecutor General's Office upheld the commission's position, stating that the disputed resolution was accepted by the commission under its authorities and current legislation.

The commission has no right to establish additional wording for the ballot. Therefore, the resolution should be considered legal, the prosecutor said.