MOSCOW, February 27 - RAPSI. Former Ukrainian Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko has submitted an application to the U.S. court on renewing the case in his lawsuit against Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Pshonka.

Pshonka's first deputy Renat Kuzmin, investigator Serhiy Voichenko and state prosecutor Yevhen Zinchenko are also defendants in the case.

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia last week dismissed the lawsuit because the plaintiff failed to follow court orders and did not provide any credible explanation of his failure to comply with those orders.

Particularly, Lutsenko was ordered to inform the court about the defendants' notification of the case. Lutsenko was expected to file a status report describing his efforts to inform the defendants about the process on February 8. However, the plaintiff failed to submit the report.

Lutsenko, who has been charged with abuse of power, submitted a lawsuit against Pshonka and several of his subordinates in December. He alleges that his prosecution is politically motivated and claims moral damages.

Lutsenko has accused the defendants of breaching the inviolability of his person through his arbitrary arrest and unreasonably prolonged detention. He has also accused them of inhumane treatment.

The former minister was arrested in late 2010. The court has dismissed his appeals. Investigators estimate the damages inflicted by Lutsenko against the state at 1 million gryvnias ($125,000).