MOSCOW, February 22 - RAPSI. The regional commercial court of appeals has satisfied the application to recover $211.61 million from former Maxi-Group top managers Nikolai Maximov and Sergei Mironov.

The appeal was filed by UralSnabKomplekt's bankruptcy receiver.

The application to bring the managers to joint responsibility was filed by the bankruptcy receiver with the appeals court as part of the company's bankruptcy procedure.

UralSnabKomplekt, which is Maxi Group's largest debtor, was found insolvent in February 2009. During the bankruptcy procedure it was uncovered that the enterprise made economically groundless transactions in 2006-2007 that resulted in 6.4 billion rubles ($214.96 million) in accounts payable.

The debt to Maxi Group enterprises was never paid, according to the company. Eventually, damages were inflicted upon Maxi Group enterprises and UralSnabKomplekt, which was burdened with debt and unable to pay it, the bankruptcy receiver said.

Since only Maxi Group shareholder Nikolai Maximov and management representative Mironov had the rights to give UralSnabKomplekt instructions in 2006-2007, the debtor's bankruptcy receiver submitted to the court a statement to bring Maximov and Mironov to joint responsibility. Nikolai Maximov was allegedly acting via fictitious persons.