MOSCOW, February 17 - RAPSI. The Moscow City Court has upheld the arrest extension of businessman Viktor Baturin on fraud charges until March 28, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ reports on Friday.

The court dismissed a cassation appeal filed by Baturin's attorney, who sought to cancel the decision and remand the case for review.

Baturin is the elder brother of business woman Yelena Baturina, the wife of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and Russia's richest woman. Forbes ranked her the world's third richest woman in 2010 with a $2.9 billion fortune. Viktor and Yelena Baturiny are the co-founders of the Inteco investment and construction corporation.

Baturin has been charged with attempted fraud involving Inteco promissory notes. He was earlier charged with the attempted theft of 10.8 million rubles ($357,500).

Baturin's case also carries other charges involving the attempted theft of over 5.6 billion rubles ($185.37 million).

Furthermore, investigators charge him with misappropriation through deception. Investigators say Baturin received 250,000 euro from a businessman by misleading him about his financial capabilities.

Baturin was detained at Inteco's office on November 28 after arriving to cash a counterfeit 10.8 million ruble ($352,170) promissory note. Investigators charged Baturin with attempted fraud the next day and sent the case to court.

Baturin has not admitted to the crime. He said he was arrested for producing a fake promissory note, but the note has already been paid.

Investigators opened another criminal case against Baturin on suspicion of 23 million rubles in ($732,000) tax evasion in early December. However, his attorney said the case was terminated as the statute of limitations had expired.

A Moscow district court fined Baturin 300,000 rubles ($9,550) and gave him a three-year suspended sentence last June for fraud for selling premises in central Moscow.