MOSCOW, February 16 - RAPSI. Court bailiffs recovered more than $12.42 billion from debtors in 2011, the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs told journalists on Thursday.

"In 2011, the court bailiffs recovered over 373.8 billion rubles ($12.42 billion) from all types of debtors which is 25.3 billion rubles ($837.32 million) more than the year before," the service reported.

According to bailiffs, more than 110 billion rubles ($3.64 billion) were allocated to the federal and consolidated budgets of the Russian Federation, including 6.5 billion rubles ($215.12 million) in execution fees, and about 70.6 billion rubles ($2.33 billion) in tax payment debts.

"The service issued over 400,800 resolutions on temporary ban on the trips abroad, with more than 117,400 regarding debtors under alimentary debts," the press service's representative said.

The service specified that over 6.6 billion rubles ($218.43 million) in debts including 184.3 million rubles ($6.1 million) in alimony were paid.