MOSCOW, February 15 - RAPSI. The Moscow Commercial Court will consider on March 21 the Defense Ministry's lawsuit against Beriev Aircraft Company to collect $5.8 million.

The company asked the court to hear the case behind closed doors referring to the confidentiality provision contained in the contract between the parties. The court has, nevertheless, decided to hold public proceedings.

The plaintiff noted that the funds sought by the ministry are the penalty and interest payable under a government contract.

The Defense Ministry was not represented at the preliminary hearing although it had been duly notified thereof.

Beriev Aircraft Company, formerly known as Taganrog Aviation Science and Technology Complex named after G. Beriev, was established in 1934. It develops aircraft, prototypes, performs test and certification flights, adopts new aircraft for mass production and manufactures aircraft for a variety of purposes. Now it is working on new-generation amphibians.