MOSCOW, February 6 - RAPSI. A commercial court ordered Russian Post to pay $21,560 in fines for violating antimonopoly legislation, reads the watchdog's report .

The Federal Antimonopoly Service maintains that, earlier, Russian Post was found guilty of violating competition law: the Russian Post did not want to enter into an agreement with the Yaroslavl government's social support and labor protection department on supplying stamps under terms stipulated by the Civil Code and the law on placing orders.

Particularly, Russian Post insisted on the possibility of unilateral contract termination, although the law On Placing Orders and the Civil Code allow for the termination of municipal contract only either by parties' agreement or by court. Neither Russian Post allowed the customer to check the amount and the quality of supplied goods.

The case was initiated on the department's request.

The watchdog fined Russian Post 3.2 million rubles ($106.134) for violating the antimonopoly legislation.

The second commercial court of appeals upheld the decision, but reduced the fine to 650,000 rubles ($21,558).