MOSCOW, January 24 - RAPSI. The court will hear on March 1 the Cosmos-TV satellite TV operator's lawsuit against the State Radio Frequency Commission to partially cancel its September 8 decision, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ reports on Tuesday.

The State Radio Frequency Commission put up for tender in September 791-862 MHz frequency bands to construct LTE lines sufficient for four operators. Each operator is expected to operate a 30MHz frequency band. Successful bidders will be granted additional 2.5-2.7 GHz frequency bands and 720-791 MHz frequency bands in the future.

The successful bidders will have to convert frequencies at their own cost. The Communications and Mass Media Ministry estimated the total cost of the frequency conversion at $2 billion or 60 billion rubles.

Each operator will invest at least 15 billion rubles ($480 million).

The State Radio Frequency Commission ordered MTS and Sinterra to give 2,5-2,57 GHz and 2,62-2,69 GHz frequency bands in Moscow to Scartel, the operator of Yota brand, and to successful bidders of 2,5-2,57 GHz and 2,62-2,69 GHz frequency bands, which are currently run by WiMAX. In exchange MTS and Sinterra will obtain 2,57-2,62 GHz frequency bands and will be allowed to arrange LTE-networks in these bands. However, 4G Consortium earlier said that this frequency band is not yet supported by manufacturers.

The tender for 791-862 MHz frequency bands in Russia will be held in the first quarter of 2012.