MOSCOW, January 24 - RAPSI. Russia may challenge in court EU anti-dumping law regulations against its metallurgic products after it accedes to the World Trade Organization, Maxim Medvedkov, the head of Russia's delegation in the WTO negotiations, told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

Medvedkov said the export of metallurgic products from Russia to the EU is restricted by quotas and anti-dumping regulations. Although the EU agreed to lift quotas, the parties have thus far failed to reach an agreement on anti-dumping legislation.

Medvedkov said he is hopeful that the limits will be eliminated as soon as Russia joins the WTO. If any barriers for the exports remain, Russia will challenge the EU's anti-dumping laws in court.

"We will go to court," he said.

In his interview with journalists, Medvedkov said EU anti-dumping law does not fully comply with the regulations adopted by the WTO in regard to fair value product calculations. The EU is entitled under its legislation to disregard gas prices inside Russia, although they are three times lower than in European countries. Thus, Europeans may use their own gas prices for calculating product costs.