MEXICO, January 20 - RAPSI. Russians Vladimir Galkin and Oleg Denisov, who were detained in Cancun, Mexico, for allegedly stealing a yacht, are expected to be released on bail on January 20, Talip Pavlov, a vice consular of the Russian embassy in Mexico who is now in Cancun, told RIA Novosti.

The first hearing in the case of the Russian citizens was held in Cancun on Thursday.

Russians are charged with stealing a yacht in Miami, United States, although they maintain they leased it. The lease agreement with an intermediary, who could be a fraud, was concluded in a simple written form. Eventually, the yacht was placed on an international wanted list and seized in Cancun on January 14.

"The amount of bail for each Russian will be 260,000 Mexican pesos or about $20,000," Pavlov said.

He also noted that the Russian embassy in Mexico is continuously communicating with relatives of the detained men and is providing an overall support to them.

Pavlov said the Mexican judge classified their actions as a crime and brought official charges against them

"Thereby Galkin and Denisov will stay in Cancun although they will be released from jail and will stay at large," Pavlov said.

The detained men told RIA Novosti they are determined to prove their innocence in court and have credible evidence to win the case.

Russians complained about the custody conditions: bad food, conflicts with other prisoners, language problems.