NOVOSIBIRSK, January 13 - RAPSI. The Prosecutor's Office has requested another review of the Transsibneft oil spill case after it lost the dispute in December, the office told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Oil leaked from the Omsk-Irkutsk pipeline in 2008. The leak amounted to seven cubic meters, of which one cubic meter escaped into the Balta River. The remaining oil was collected and injected back into the pipeline. The environmental damage was estimated at more than 4.2 million rubles ($132,600).

In spring 2011, the Prosecutor's Office sued Transsibneft, a Transneft subsidiary, demanding that the company "clean the Balta of oil products." Prosecutors alleged that there was still oil in the river. The corporate counsel argued that the aftermath of the leak had been taken care of and saw no reason for a trial.

The court sided with the company.

Transneft says its subsidiary removed the effects of the leak over 20 months.