MOSCOW, December 20 - RAPSI, Dmitry Shchitov. The court has sided with the state-run Russian Technologies Corporations in its $134.2 million lawsuit against Techintorg, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ reports from the courtroom.

The court has recovered from Techintorg 4.061 billion rubles ($126.7 million) in unjustified enrichment and 264.1 million rubles ($8.2) in interest.

Founded in 1979, Techintorg is controlled by the Economic Development Ministry.

The Russian Technologies Corporation unites 439 companies, which produce 23 percent of the defense equipment in Russia.

The state-run Techintorg was engaged in the construction of federal high technology centers as part of a national health project. The Russian Technologies Corporation acted as the customer.

The claimant said at the hearing that the customer and Techintorg entered into a construction contract on February 25, 2007. Techintorg committed to build eight medical centers. The parties then signed a supplementary contract in 2009 to build a medical center in Chelyabinsk.

Meanwhile, the Russian Technologies Corporation paid Techintorg for all eight centers. Thus, the corporation sought to recover the prepaid funds.

The defendant protested the lawsuit, claiming that the project cost more than the payment amount as the center ended up being larger than initially planned. The defendant argued that the completion of the center's construction does not imply that the contract has been terminated.

The claimant said the parties are unlikely to settle the dispute because they have been unable to reach an agreement for a long time.