MOSCOW, December 16 - RAPSI. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) still receives many claims from Russian citizens, ECHR Judge Anatoly Kovler, who represents Russia in the court, said on Friday at a conference at the Justice Academy in Moscow.

Kovler said the number of judgments passed by the court in claims submitted by Russian citizens has significantly increased recently.

Kovler said the ECHR passed 10,259 judgments this year compared to only 7,586 year-on-year. The increase can be attributed to similar cases being combined into the same proceeding.

Kovler said Russian citizens send about 15,000 claims to the ECHR every year.

"We are hopeful that we will soon equalize the number of claims with the number of passed judgments," Kovler said.

Most of the claims sent to ECHR from Russia refer to contempt of the national court decisions.

Meanwhile, the number of these claims have dropped from 40-45 percent to just 17 percent of the total this year.

Many people also complain about the conditions of their confinement at pretrial detention centers and the medical services provided there.

Kovler also said the number of ECHR judgments against Russia has fallen from 217 in 2010 to 130 this year.