MOSCOW, December 12 - RAPSI, Natalia Belova. A court has held for the Industry and Trade Ministry's (Minpromtorg) lawsuit to cancel the antimonopoly service's resolution holding the ministry liable for violating the competition law, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

The Federal Antimonopoly Service stated in April that Minpromtorg violated competition law by waiving the machinery producers' applications for the subsidized purchase of motor and municipal vehicles.

The case was initiated by a loaders manufacturer that was removed by Minpromtorg from the list of subsidized vehicles purchasers. The company is the third party in the case.

Minpromtorg's representative earlier said the ministry did not violate the applicant's rights as the company failed to file its application properly. Minpromtorg maintains that the company applied directly to Minpromtorg rather than to the constituent entity responsible for collecting applications and submitting them to the ministry.

Meanwhile, the watchdog's lawyer said that Minpromtorg failed to ensure the strictly regulated application procedure and thus limited competition. The watchdog asserts that Minpromtorg illegally dismissed the application as no well-regulated procedure is applicable. Besides, the constituent entity-based application procedure also counters the principles of a common economic space, the antimonopoly service said.