MOSCOW, October 27 - RAPSI, Dmitry Shchitov. An appeals courtwill not reconsider the adverse judgment in the $36,000 lawsuit filed by Pravda.Ru against Yandex for distributing Andrey Karaulov's film "Khodorkovsky. Pipes/Corpses", the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) reports from the courtroom.

The court has turned down Pravda.Ru application for extending the deadline for appealing the trial court judgment.

The Moscow Commercial Court fully dismissed the lawsuit on July 25, but Pravda.Ru. appealed the ruling.

According to the plaintiff, the defendant reproduced and distributed Karaulov's film on its website on March 16. The plaintiff holds the rights to the movie under a license contract.

The lawsuit reads that the film was shown on the website under the Yandex logo. Over 50 texts were also posted on Yandex to which the plaintiff similarly holds the rights.

Yandex is a major Russian Internet search engine. Preliminary estimates of its 2010 financial results show that Yandex revenues has jumped by 43 percent year-on-year to reach 12.5 billion rubles ($409 million).

Pravda.Ru is the founder of an on-line publication of the same name. It was established in 1999 by some journalists, who formerly worked for the Pravda daily, after the editorial board divided due to the newspaper sale.