MOSCOW, October 7 - RAPSI, Dmitry Shchitov. A commercial court of appeals will hear on October 18 an appeal filed by the Bahus Premium beer importer against the refusal to recover about $2,360 in compensation from Heineken Ceska republika, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) on Friday.

Heineken Ceska republika holds the exclusive rights to the Krusovice trademark.

Bahus Premium appealed the Moscow Commercial Courts decision as of July 13 which dismissed the lawsuit.

The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court remanded Bahus Premium's lawsuit for reconsideration on April 22. Therefore, the court held in favor of Heineken's cassation appeal against the lower-court's decisions, which recovered some 58,000 rubles ($1,800) in compensation from the company in favor of Bahus Premium.

In March 2010, Bahus Premium declared the Krusovice Svetle, Krusovice Musketur and Krusovice Cerne beers for customs clearance at the Central Excise Customs Office.
Heineken Ceska republik submitted to the customs body a request to suspend the products' release, as the brewery holds the exclusive rights to the brand in Russia.

The customs suspended the release of the goods for 10 days, but released them soon after.

Bahus Premium has submitted a lawsuit on recovering the damages caused by the delay to the Moscow Commercial Court.

In October 2010, the Moscow Commercial Court found Bahus Premium's claims grounded. The Commercial Court of Appeals held in favor of the first-instance court's decision in January.

The Dutch Heineken brewery has been operating since 1863.