MOSCOW, September 30 - RAPSI. The Supreme Commercial Court will not reconsider the lower courts' decisions which obligated Transneft, a gas pipeline monopoly, to provide its minority shareholder Alexei Navalny minutes of its board meetings for 2009-2010, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI).

Navalny is a minority shareholder of several major Russian state-owned companies. In 2010, he filed several lawsuits against these companies for access to corporate information. The companies, in turn, argued these claims amount to nothing more than an abusive fishing expedition for harmful information against them.

The Moscow Commercial Court satisfied Navalny's suit in February. It obligated Transneft to provide him minutes of its board meetings. Both the appellate and the cassation courts held in favor of the decision.

As soon as the cassation court passed its judgment in late July, Transneft provided Navalny all of the documents he was interested in.

Transneft turned to the Supreme Commercial Court with a request to reconsider the lower courts' decisions on September 1. The panel of three judges dismissed Transneft's appeal on September 2