Moscow, April 20 - RAPSI. Defense lawyers for Andrei Borodin, former Bank of Moscow president, filed an appeal against Borodin’s imposed leave from his position during an embezzlement investigation.

“The court received a cassation appeal from Borodin’s attorneys with a request to reverse the temporary leave imposed on the Bank of Moscow president,” Yekaterina Ilyina, court press secretary of the Tverskoy Court of Moscow, said.

Borodin and his first deputy, Dmitry Akulinin, were temporarily released from their positions by court order, until the Premier Estate case is closed.

The fraud case, involving 12.76 billion rubles in Moscow city funds and a Bank of Moscow loan to Premier Estate, was opened in 2010. The warrant bringing Borodin and Akulinin to trial stated that they had been charged with abuse of authority (Article 201(1) of the Russian Criminal Code).