Chairperson - Alexandr Yevstifeyev

The Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals was established in an effort to improve jurisdiction by optimizing commercial court structure and separating the appeals petition handling procedure.

The court commenced its work on July 1, 2004.

As the primary commercial appellate court in Russia, the Ninth Commercial Court of Appeals handles most cases considered by appeals courts.

The court comprises a judicial board handling disputes arising from civil and other legal relations, and a judicial board handling disputes arising from administrative relations.

Under the Federal Constitutional Law “On Commercial Courts,” the court has a presidium chaired by a chief justice.  

The court also has a scientific advisory board, which analyzes the arbitration practice and establishes unified approaches to applying new regulatory acts.

The court employs 70 judges and has a court administration consisting of 168 members, with 70 percent of the personnel under 30 years old and the same amount possessing a law degree.

The judges and the court administration staff, as well as its material and technical resources, fully conform to today’s requirements for legal proceedings.