Chairman - Anton Ivanov

The Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation is the highest judicial body settling economic disputes and other cases handled by commercial courts. The court operates according to the federal law on the judicial supervision of court activities, and provides explanations on judicial practice.

The Supreme Commercial Court consists of the plenum, presidium and judicial board handling disputes arising from civil and other legal relations, and the judicial board, which handles disputes arising from administrative relations.

The court focuses its activities on providing a unified interpretation of the laws regulating economic relations for their further application by commercial courts. This major task is performed by compiling judicial practice and providing explanations by the court plenum or presidium.

The court plenum includes the chairman, his deputies, and judges. The plenum’s session can be attended by representatives of other branches of judicial authorities, legislative and executive bodies, scientific organizations and citizens. The plenum handles issues related to providing legislative initiative, addressing the Constitutional Court with inquiries on examining the validity of statutes, regulations and agreements, and approves commercial court procedures.

The Supreme Commercial Court’s judicial boards handle first instance cases, study and compile judicial practice, develop proposals to improve laws and regulations, and execute other authorities within its procedures.

The court has a commercial court chairmen council, which is a consultative body handling issues related to organizational, personnel and financial activities. The court’s scientific and advisory council operates to develop scientific-based recommendations on issues related to outlining the practice of law performance and other regulatory acts and developing proposals for their improvement. The council includes the procedural legislation section, administrative and juridical section, civil section and private international law section.

The Supreme Commercial Court comprises the Supreme Commercial Court Plenum, Supreme Commercial Court Presidium, juridical board handling civil and other disputes and juridical board handling administrative disputes.

The authority, order of establishment and activities of commercial courts are set forth in

  • the Constitution of the Russian Federation
  • Civil Procedure Code
  • Arbitration Procedure Code
  • Federal Constitutional Law “On Commercial Courts of the Russian Federation”
  • Federal Constitutional Law “On the Judicial System of the Russian Federation”
  • Federal Law “On Judges Community Bodies”
  • Federal Law “On the Status of Judges in the Russian Federation”
  • Law of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic “On the Judicial Organization of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic” as far as the legislation does not contradict Russian law
  • and other regulations.