MADRID, April 17 - RAPSI, Sergei Sarymov. The daughter of King Juan Carlos I of Spain has appealed against her court summons as an official suspect in a corruption case against her husband, El Mundo wrote on Tuesday.

The court summoned Princess Cristina, aged 47, to testify in court on April 27 as part of the Noos corruption case against her husband Inaki Urdangarin, a former Olympic handball player, and his former business associate Diego Torres.

Earlier this month Judge Jose Castro postponed the princess' corruption hearing until after the prosecutor's appeal had been heard.

Urdangarin and Torres are believed to have created a network of companies for the purpose of embezzling around 6 million euros ($7.7 million) in public funds from the non-profit Noos Foundation.

The decision to summon the princess was made after Torres supplied e-mails that indicate the princess knew about her husband's dealings in the Noos Foundation and consulted him on some issues.

Cristina's lawyers have said that there is insufficient evidence for charging their client and that the court's only evidence against the princess consists of the emails Torres presented. They argue that Torres is "a defendant who cannot be trusted" and that the e-mails' authenticity must be thoroughly checked.

The public prosecution has already appealed the incrimination, a judicial process which precedes an indictment or formal charges, and a similar appeal has been filed by Spain's bar association. The lawyers have stated in their appeal that the supplied proof of Cristina's alleged involvement was inconsistent and invalid. Prosecutor Pedro Horrach has said that there is no proof of Cristina's involvement in the Noos fraud.

The prosecutors believe that Urdangarin and Torres inflated the prices of the services that they provided to the administration of a Spanish city and channeled the embezzled funds to other companies and offshore accounts which they controlled.