MOSCOW, March 21 - RAPSI. The UK Supreme Court has satisfied the appeal by the Times newspaper, which was earlier found responsible in a libel action brought against it by a Metropolitan Police officer.

In 2006, The Times alleged that Detective Sergeant of the Metropolitan Police's extradition unit received bribes from a firm connected with Russian businessmen.

It was reported that the police officer was suspected of receiving bribes for providing confidential information on the extradition requests for Russians accused of economic crimes.

According to the newspaper ISC paid for the information. ISC was financed by fugitive Russian businessman. The publication also stated that the company received a total of 7.2 million euros from them, with more than 700,000 euros allegedly paid by Boris Berezovsky's firms.

But the information remained unconfirmed and the sergeant was acquitted. Then he filed a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper.

However, when the case reached the Supreme Court it sided with the newspaper referring to the so-called Reynolds public interest defense.