Moscow, April 13 – RAPSI. The Russian Civic Chamber summed up its “Stop Corruption” hotline activities for the past 45 days this week. According to the chamber, a total of 1,100 instances of alleged corruption were reported and more than half were attributable to the executive authorities.

“The hotline received 912 corruption-related calls in 45 days,” the chamber said. “The total number of alleged corruption cases is 1,104 if other hotline calls are taken into consideration.”

The callers lodged complaints against the authorities in 257 phone calls for producing no results in response to their appeals.

The callers also reported that bailiffs and interior officials came to their homes and asked them to rescind their complaints in 16 instances. The requests were accompanied by threats.

According to the chamber, most callers reported corruption in Moscow-based authorities (101 alleged cases) and in the Krasnodar Territory (99 alleged corruption cases).

The courts accounted for nine percent of the complaints.

The Interior Ministry and subordinate agencies accounted for 240 alleged cases. The figure is more than any other government agency.

Another 47 complaints were lodged against the traffic police.